Are You Winning? This Should Help!

So, are you winning? 3CMS, the Spiritual Report, Community Life Activity Report, Alternative 3C Discipleship Guide, Coaching Handbook, NEXT, REVEAL, CL Budget, annual reviews, etc. These have all been systems, initiatives and measurement tools in my ministy/vocational career, which have taught me lots. These tools have taught me many important things, such as: numbers don’t capture the entire story, numbers are very important, there’s always a way to find measurables and others.

What about your normal Community Life team. Thy’re on-the-ground, Contacting, Connecting, solicting Contributors, and building Community. How do we measure our community development success at an apartment property? Every team fills out an activity report, every month. It’s a good exercise to myself though, especially for coaching the teams, to think of ways to help them understand how they’re winning every day. So, here are a few questions that could help unearth the impact that our teams our having. Are you building genuine community one relationship at a time? Let’s find out.

  1. Are residents introducing themselves to their neighbors outside of group events?
  2. Are residents saying hello and having conversations with their neighbors outside of of planned activities?
  3. Do residents have friends that they never had before Community Life began?
  4. Is someone participating in a local activity or in apartment activities because of your presence?
  5. Has anyone gone to church with you or visited another neighborhood location because of your recommendation?
  6. Have neighbors helped each other in anyway since you’ve introduced them?
  7. Have any residents contributed their time, talents, or resources to help at an apartment event?
  8. Are any residents leading apartment groups or activities because of your encouragement?
  9. Has the local business, public, or social sector contributed at your property?
  10. Have you partnered with others in the community?

These are just a few example questions. We must find ways to aggregate and measure the social capacity that our teams are building. The more numbers simply equal the more lives touched and the more opportunities that we will gain. We have to ask the right questions and always find ways to measure the impact (short and long term) we are having on our apartment communities and on individual lives. Do you have any good questions to ask our teams?

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