Community Life Louisville Leadership Gathering This Weekend!

This weekend, I’ll host the 2nd official Community Life Leadership Gathering for the all the Louisville teams! We’re 6 months into this regional launch and I couldn’t be more impressed by the faithful servant leaders who are living among neighbors; serving and caring for all. Every time I begin to assemble a meeting agenda, I come back to the basic question, almost as if I have to convince myself; why do these gatherings? These quarterly events are essential for missional success for some of the obvious reasons: missional alignment, clarity on responsibilities and operational procedures, encouragement, sharing the God stories and challenges, etc., also, don’t forget the fun! Above all though, what I love about gathering with these neighborhood missionaries is sitting across from them, listening to them, looking them in the eyes, and say, “I understand.” Doesn’t everyone like it for someone just to say, “I understand you?” There is holy unity and bonding through service and I think it’s provoked further by being in the presence of others who are serving, giving and sacrificing their own lives in the grand operation of neighborly love. I love sitting next to our Community Life teams. I love their hearts. I love their service. I love their passion. I love their care for others. They remind me of the goodness that can be found through intentional neighborhood development. They remind me of my own need to make the most of every opportunity to care for my own neighbor. I hope the gathering triggers the same reminders for the teams as it does for me. I can’t wait to be in their presence Saturday and share in the joy of their service. Neighborhood community development is chiefly an act of the heart, and trust me, there are others who share your heart; let us gather!

Here is just one example of how a Community Life team is building great community! Community Life in Action

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