Creating Community Ownership

Creating Community Ownership

How we bring value to community.

Every person can make a valuable contribution to their neighborhood. Community Life intentionally invites every resident, regardless of their previous experience, to engage their community through 3 simple ways. The culmination is volunteerism creating a lot of social capital among the neighbors. That’s a great thing for every resident.

Share: Anyone can share an idea or lend a tool.

Serve: Community Life teams plan events every month and any resident can lend a hand.

Start: If a resident has a strong passion, our team can help them form a group.

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Park Place Apartments: Resident Ownership

Park Place Apartments, like most apartment communities, has many international residents. There is one specific resident, Eszter from Europe, at Park Place who noticed that language was a barrier to creating community and once the Community LifeTeam connected with her they quickly learned that she had a passion for connecting residents who are new to the country. With the help of Eszter, the Community Life Team started events based around English as a Second Language (ESL). Residents from all the corners of the world come together to learn English and connect with each other over books, reading the newspaper, and clipping coupons. Because of Eszter’s desire to Share, Serve and Start, Park Place Apartments now offers ESL classes!

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