You watch; I do. You do; I watch (even better, I don’t even know you do): Volunteerism Template.

“We had a big unexpected day of hanging out with a couple of residents. We went to church then out to breakfast with a girl I’ve had a couple of opportunities to hang out with (the traveling nurse that’s been to church with us before). Last weekend, a couple of people from our community group at church came and helped out at our big pool party. Tonight, our group had a party at another couple’s house and we took the girl that’s been coming to church with us. When we got there, two guys from our complex let us in. A guy in our c-group met them at the pool party last weekend and they went to church with him this morning (we went to the early service and must have just missed them) and then they came to the party with him tonight. Praying that these connections continue to grow. Recruiting friends who are believers to help out at events has definitely been helpful.”

Above is  a story taken from our Community Life leadership page. This is from Margaret and Nathan in Louisville. I want to analyze this simple paragraph, so you can see s0000 many great things happening. Ready for the “Great Stuff” breakdown…here we go!

  1. They spent time with residents outside of an event.
  2. They took a resident to church.
  3. They’ve cultivated a relationship through multiple/ongoing interactions
  4. They spent time with someone in need of community (a traveling ((transient)) nurse).
  5. They recruited volunteer leadership from their community to group to help run an event.
  6. They stay actively involved in their church community.
  7. The community group volunteers they recruited invited people to church.
  8. The community group volunteers they recruited people just to hangout for fun.
  9. They got excited and encouraged by what they saw.
  10. They told us about this great story, so others could be encouraged by it.

Dear Nathan and Margret,

You get an A+! If you want to check out the amazing community Nathan and Margret attend, click on the icon.


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