Community Life

We're not your average neighbor.

Community Life exists to make that unique culture of community which adds value to the property and neighbors’ lives across all types of apartment complexes.

And here’s how

Who we are.

Every neighborhood should offer its people a sense of belonging.

Community Life is passionate about helping each individual find their place in a larger community. We build a culture of genuine community by helping residents engage in personal interests that connect them to their neighbors and environment. We want to grow apartments into homes and neighborhoods into communities, fostering relationships that help residents invest in their localities in meaningful ways. Community Life then becomes the catalyst for flourishing communities.

Often our teams look just like the neighbors they serve and engage, but they are committed to partnering with the apartment complexes in which they live and work to build a culture of community in their neighborhoods.

What we do.

Our method is simple. And it all starts with a great team! These individuals lead the efforts to build community in their neighborhood by applying Asset Based Community Development techniques. Here’s what you can find them doing:

Community Life Team

The property will receive a dedicated team, two individuals, who will live on-site to invest in the community. The CL Team’s ongoing and intentional relationship with residents is the foundation that allows relational community to grow.

Property Events & Amenity Utilization

Each Community Life team is responsible for hosting events each month based upon resident’s interests so that all residents have on-site opportunities to meet their neighbors.

Personal Welcome Visit

This friendly personal visit from one of their own neighbors sets the relational tone for the entire experience on the property.

Community Connections

Community Life teams reveal the extensive network of social opportunities within the neighborhood centered on F.R.E.S.H. (Family, Recreational, Educational, Spiritual, and Health/Wellness) resources.

Reputation Management

Community Life teams help improve properties' reputation both online and on site.

Neighborhood eNewsletter

Community Life teams give helpful and consistent notifications about lots of local connection opportunities in the community.

Social Media Integration

Community Life teams integrate with current social media initiatives to enhance the properties online presence and connect with neighbors.

OPTIONS: MidLeaseVisits, Satisfaction Surveys, Mentoring Clubs, Listening Meetings

We understand that each property is different, and so we customize our program to fit the unique needs of the property. Are there lots of kids that would thrive under mentoring? Great! We'll partner with great community organizations to engage them. Want to hear from the silent but satisfied? We can send out surveys! This variety can assist in customizing the program deliverables to better fit the needs of the neighborhood.

We want to see neighborhoods flourish. 

Well, who doesn’t?

But when we say this, we mean this:

  • Transformed neighbors are reaching out themselves to help others in their community. 

  • Community volunteerism rises

  • Neighbors are inviting their family and friends to come and live on the property. 

  • Partnerships between the community and other local assets exist. 

  • Neighbors take increasing ownership of the program. 

  • There is a growing sense of community and trust.

  • People are making new friends and trying new things.

  • Communication is happening on a large-scale level so residents feel informed.

  • There is increased knowledge, skills, and resources working for shared benefits in individuals throughout the apartment neighborhood.

  • There is an growing positive “buzz” around the neighborhood about the apartment.

And that brings value.

We're not your average neighbor.

Multifamily Professional

Community Life operates successful programs in urban and suburban, garden and high-rise, A-class and working-class, and everything else in between. We're all about relationships and building access to community resources that bring value to the neighborhood and individual lives. If you're a property manager or multifamily professional and would like more information about how we could start this program at your property, have coffee with us!
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Potential Team Member on a Property

We’re so excited that you’re interested in this opportunity to live and work in an apartment complex, building community and developing meaningful relationships with your neighbors. If you would like to begin the process of applying,
Fill out our Preliminary Application!

Community Partners

A community wouldn't thrive without all the partnerships and resources in and around it, and our community partners are essential to our efforts! If you would like to partner with us, either to give of your time, talents, or resources, let's have coffee and chat! If you have a program that would bring neighbors together and build community, we also would love to learn more. ​ See a list of our partners, and tell us more about your organization!
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