Jerry and Alex are a great asset to the community; says who?

Who says Jerry and Alex are a great value to the apartment community; everyone! This is an actual letter from a resident of one of our Community Life apartments. The resident praises the overall value of the property, and specifically points on some of the most fundamental reasons we created Community Life. Check out the 2nd paragraph and you’ll find praise for the apartment staff and the Community Life team. Why did this resident feel the need to point out the team’s value? Here are a couple reasons.

  1. They were new to the area and apartment.

  2. They’re friends all lived 2 hours away.

  3. The team created an environment for connecting with other residents.

  4. The residents took advantage and got involved.

  5. They’ve never experienced another community like this one.

Not everyone writes a letter, but many in apartments share these exact life circumstances, except there is no one at their apartment to reach out and care for them. Community Life gives the opportunity to every apartment resident to transform their neighborhood experience. Who says? This person does, and so many more. Great job Jerry and Alex!



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